ESOR Course - About

Course information

The course is aimed at senior residents, board-certified radiologists and fellows interested in chest and abdominal oncologic imaging. It is designed as an intense one-day program, directly linked to the Balkan Congress of Radiology, as part of the ESR Support Initiative. A particular focus will be on the applications of the latest imaging techniques, diagnostic criteria, staging principles and clinical role of imaging in lung, pancreatic, endometrial, cervical, colon and rectal cancer. Renowned European experts will ensure a high quality teaching program, combining lectures and workshops, allowing for interactive case discussions.

Learning objectives

  • to learn about the latest recommendations for the appropriate use of CXR, CT, MRI and hybrid imaging in the diagnosis, staging and therapy response evaluations of lung cancer
  • to consolidate knowledge of various types of immunodeficiencies and their related infections and appreciate the role of radiology in immunocompromised patients
  • to illustrate diagnostic imaging criteria, useful to differentiate pancreatic adenocarcinoma from non-neoplastic pancreatic mimickers and to describe the most accountable imaging features of cystic pancreatic neoplasms
  • to illustrate the MR imaging findings of endometrial and cervical carcinoma and familiarise with the MR features of the surgical anatomic landmarks, useful for treatment planning
  • to learn about optimised MDCT techniques for colon cancer staging and discuss the role of MRI for base-line rectal cancer staging
  • to understand morphological imaging criteria for assessing tumour response in patients with rectal cancer and discuss the role of functional imaging methods available